Our guiding principle – TOP PERFORMANCE AS A GOAL

This principle applies equally in companies, as well as, in competitive sports.


Excellence in sport and in companies follow similar principles of success. Excellence requires the recognition, development, and use of talent, realizable goals, to create and maintain a fearless, performance-motivating environment that gives room for creativity and courage to make the right decisions. That creates enthusiasm! And enthusiasm is the basis of success.


Successes gives you courage! Success spurs on purposeful working on the increase of performance in order to reach a higher performance class.
Anyone who wants to achieve outstanding performance on a lasting basis will only succeed with targeted, competent support from specialists. Top athletes therefore, rely on the experience and expertise of fitness and mental trainers of their trust.


Similar applies. Employees who can achieve success and celebrate successes are more dedicated and motivated, this applies both to change processes, as well as in crisis situations. A company that wants to deliver outstanding services on an on-going basis requires efficient processes, a minimum of internal bureaucracy, executives who approve and develop self-reliant employees, and leadership systems that support them effectively.
Top performance is always provided by highly motivated and experienced teams across all hierarchical levels.


That’s where we want to accompany our customers. As an interim manager and consultant, our profession requires, in particular, two essential characteristics: first, a high level of professional and social competence and secondly, a high degree of motivation.
Everyone in the GGU team brings these qualities with them. Seniority, different core competencies and leadership experience complement each other optimally in the sense of a support that focuses on what is operationally feasible. As different as our personalities and skills are, we are united by one thing: the desire for (top) performance.


We only advise in topics in which we have established our practical and personal competence. We only accept projects if we are convinced that we can cope with them. We advise implementation-oriented, which means for us, the intensive and significant involvement of employees, managers and employee representatives.


Our advice should offer maximum objectivity. Therefore, we make sure that our work and our recommendations are based on an impartial and unbiased consideration of all available facts and opinions. Our findings and recommendations will in no case be pleasing or omit unpleasant facts and data in order to achieve a more pleasing picture than reality.


For us, it is an obligation to treat the information we receive from our clients regarding procedures, practices, plans and employees with absolute confidentiality and will never disclose it to third parties.


The consideration of the actual state has its relevance. In contrast, experience has shown that intensive, probing cause research is a hindrance to the realignment. Quality, efficiency in work and cooperation begin in the mind of the employees. We therefore develop and implement strategies and measures for the reorientation with the affected parties without breaking old wounds.
Through impulses and reflection, we want to generate a variety of perspectives in order to accompany the process on the path we have chosen:

Targeted, consistent and successful until the end