In companies, as well as in team sports the following applies: Top performances are only provided by highly motivated and well-rehearsed teams.

In difficult situations (economic / personnel), these requirements are generally no longer met. Often there is not much time to prevent further damage.

As experienced, highly-motivated personalities who work in an interdisciplinary manner, have a business and strategic thinking, as well as excellent integration and communication skills, we immediately enter the operative business without any training. As “newcomers” who were not involved in the hierarchies and corporate policy of the past, we have an objective and unobstructed view. In crisis situations a pivotal advantage.

Especially in exceptional situations (for example, start-up stabilization, factory reorientation, relocation of production, plant merger, plant closure, restructuring), our well-founded experience in organizational and personnel issues has proven to be crucial for a successful crisis management.

In numerous projects we have been able to initiate a turnaround combined with an increase in productivity and earnings. With the stabilization of the respective situation, the further development can be handed over to a permanent successor. According to the tasks, we take over decision-relevant functions, e.g. as CEO, COO, Plant Manager, HR Manager and Project Manager.